Google Docs redesign!

Google Documents and Spreadsheets (and upcoming slide shows) looks great! I just noticed though they released the redesign a couple of days ago. It is not only a redesign, more functionality has been added, like folder organization and "display by shared" which displays documents ordered by who are you sharing with.

If you ask me, I love it. Go and try it out! Google docs (for those who ignore it) is an Office suite that lets you edit documents online (like Ms Word and Excel). The top reasons I like Google docs over any other suite are:
  1. It's free (no license required)
  2. It's online (no need to install, nor saving it on hard drive - it's all online!)
  3. Docs can be downloaded in most popular formats (.doc, .rtf, .html, .txt, .pdf, open office)
  4. Docs can be shared and edited by many (collaborating with partners!)
There are tons of stuff to talk about, but go check it out! Let it become your new Office suite! If you have a browser, you already have your Office suite with you! Linked to your existing gMail account!