Android Contacts Management

I am looking forward to the release of Android, the new Mobile Operative System.

Whenever this goes "live" (and as soon as Google launches their long awaited Google Tasks) I will be able to finally migrate from Outlook to Google Apps. Well I am not talking about all Google Apps, but at least those similar to Outlook, because there is obviously tons of advanced features missing in, for instance, Google Docs (like foot notes, for academic writing).

Anyway something I would like Android to do, regarding contact management, is that it should be able to filter contacts, specially to sort out those who do not have a mobile number (which might be the majority in some cases, as some people often tend to have lots of unknown people in their gMail contacts). When using the mobile device to make a phone call, you only need contacts with mobile numbers, not email or other unrelated contact info.

Still waiting Google and co! Keep up the good work...