Bug: replying in gMail with keyboard shortcuts

I love optimizing small tasks and saving the most time I can, even if they are seconds. I love keyboard shortcuts.

There is a keyboard shortcut for replying to messages in gMail, R, I try to move around in gMail as much as I can with the keyboard only, it's a bit faster. But I've noticed than from some time ago, weeks or perhaps months, don't know for sure, Every time I press "R" to reply to a message, it seems as if I had pressed "A", which is the shortcut for Reply to All, and if the message has been sent to more than one recipient (for example, with copies to others), then I find myself writing a reply to a lot of persons.

Normally I notice this and correct it as soon as I can, but I've missed it a few times, so far I haven't had any real issues or big embarrassment, just sent unsolicited or irrelevant messages to people sometimes I don't even know, but for sure this is something it should not be happening, it's certainly a bug. I'll report it to gMail staff...

Wait, I've been trying to reproduce this bug again but I can't, either this has been fixed or I can't reproduce the exact context in which I get it. I think it only happened when I had a new message in a new conversation, and I hadn't read it before (brand new), so I'll wait and see, is anybody else having this problem?