gMail's 7

I don't know exactly when, but a few days ago, I noticed Google Mail (as it is called in Germany) had reached a new Integer: 7 GB. That is seven thousand mega bytes. I remember when we only had 2 MB in hotmail...

What will happen to the the additional storage Google is currently offering once gMail reaches 10 GB? They now charge 20 USD per year if you want to upgrade your account to 10 GB, but it enables both gMail and Picasa Web Albums to share the storage. Currently Picasa offers a very small single GB. And if you want to get heavy, you can pack in 400 GB for 500 USD. That's bigger than my Hard Drive.

Anyway, me: I never go beyond 30% of gMail's storage capacity, guess my mail and attachments grow at the same pace as gMail's.