adSense for Feeds

I am starting to get serious about Google adSense (an advertising revenue program you can implement in your website or blog), with my not so new site: Academic Lozbo, in which by the way, the template is still in beta, though it already offers a couple of posts.

So I started optimizing every little detail, setting up Analytics, Feedburner, for both content and comments, and adSense, with their respective WordPress plugins, among other heavier stuff (like developing a theme from scratch and even some WP plugin).

So I also wanted to add advertisement in my feed, as I know that it can also be an important way of monetizing my efforts, but I found that currently there is no adSense available for feeds :( . There seems to be a private beta going on, but since 2005! I read in the adSense Help Center that the beta is closed and they are no longing accepting new applications, though the form is still available online.

I hope it gets out of beta soon! Not that I'm planning to become rich with adSense, it is still more important the content and my (currently non existing but this hopefully will change soon :) readers. For me, even the graphic design is more important than monetizing the site, so I have not even included advertisement yet on my template as I am still wondering where to put it so that it looks good :) , but to be fair: I would like to earn a bit if I can from the time spent on the development and writing there.

So Google adSense: we are still waiting!