Personalized Google top bar

I like the way Google links to more of their services at the top, but I think it will be more useful if it was personalized and linked to what each user uses the most, based on clicks or user logins to each particular service.

For example: if the services I use the most are gMail, Calendar and Reader, I want those to be displayed in the top bar, and if I hardly ever use Picasa, I want it out of it. I actually use all of these, and more (like Notebook, Analytics, Web Master Tools, Adsense, to name a few), but I think each user has different needs.

Actually, I think I will finally be able to switch from Outlook to Google completely when Android (an open source Mobile Operative System, well for cell phones, or something like that) comes out, and when Google goes live with a "to do list" service, which I've heard it's in the works now.