Well, everybody is talking about the new Google browser. Here´s my experience so far.

Yesterday I gave it a try and at first I thought it was a bit strange, having so much room for the content, it felt like something was missing.

One of the first things I noticed was the lack of status bar, which I then realized that appears magically when you hover a link, for example.

I´m used to middle click (with the mouse scroll button) and glide up or down with the mouse, and this is not currently supported.

But it convinced me when I started browsing Google Reader with my small laptop screen, and saw all this additional and beloved space for content.

And the program startup does feel faster (than FF3, IE6), and also (though not that much) in overall browsing.

Anyway, I don´t think it will be replacing Firefox as my main browser, at least not anytime soon, and not even Flock as my second browser, but I'll be using it when I need to do quick surfing.

But it does raise some concern as a Web Designer (mostly CSS related), I don´t think that we need yet another browser to test and hack for.